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Odessa, Ukraine


The Centre for Applied Cultural Management is a non-governmental structure for elaborating and running cultural management training programs, informational and publishing activities, consulting and culture-managing practice. The CACM system of education and training is based on the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Activities, aim and mission

The Centre for Applied Cultural Management directs its activity on the increasing of the efficiency of Ukrainian cultural managers' work by training and retraining of managers in various cultural and art spheres. The CACM develops and implements practical cultural management training programs, develops methodological materials, renders consulting assistance for various cultural and art institutions. It also conducts information and publishing activities and implements innovative cultural management projects. The CACM maintains interethnic and intercultural relations, develops collaboration between different fields of culture, and promotes the development of the regional and national cultural policy.

Training concept

The main points of the cultural management training concept are the following:
  • combining theory and practice in cultural management training
  • feeling of creative and innovative features of cultural management
  • perception of cultural management as a skill determining and achieving the goals by involving necessary resources, developing and implementing projects
  • considering the peculiarities of art and cultural market, where the creative ideas, conceptions and images are the main market products
  • considering international, interethnic and intercultural dimensions of cultural management
  • understanding specific features of contents and forms of cultural and art activities


The CACM has been founded by the international public organization Association New Music/ANM (
www.anm.odessa.ua). ANM with the help of modern cultural management approaches realized 11 editions of the international annual festival of contemporary art Two Days and Two Nights of New Music, more than 100 cultural forums, edited a number of CDs, CD ROMs, DVD ROM and a reference book of contemporary composers of Ukraine, founded the Music Information Centre for Contemporary Music, and online magazine Musica Ukrainica (www.musica-ukrainica.odessa.ua).The ANM renders consulting assistance for various cultural institutions from many countries. The practical and theoretical experience has inspired ANM on the idea of modernization of cultural management in Ukraine. Thus, in 2003 ANM started the implementation of the large culture management training project The Centre for Applied Cultural Management supported by the Swiss Cultural Programme South-East Europe and Ukraine (Switzerland). While preparing this project, the ANM conducted a market study on the cultural management issues in the South Ukraine. In April 2004 within the project International Forum of Novel Art the ANM supported by its partners - International Renaissance Foundation, European Cultural Foundation and the Swiss Cultural Programme South-East Europe and Ukraine realized the International Conference for Art Managers, Representatives of MICs and Festival's Directors. The ANM's idea on the creation of the working model for practical cultural management has been reflected in the Centre for Applied Cultural Management founded in Odessa.



International public organization Association New Music(Odessa, Ukraine)
E-Mail new_music@irf.odessa.ua

Financial support

Swiss Cultural Programme South-East Europe and Ukraine (Zurich, Switzerland)

Consulting and methodological assistance

Study Centre for Arts Management at the Basel University /Studienzentrum Kulturmanagement der Universitat Basel (Basel, Switzerland)
E-Mail rolf.keller@unibas.ch


For the additional information on the participation in the training programs and events organized by the CACM, please, contact by the following address:

48, Bazarna Str., Apt. 1, 65011 Odessa, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (0482) 225283, 496028.
Information: www.cacm.odessa.ua