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Long-term courses

The Centre for Applied Cultural Management /CACM

Academic year: February-July 2009

Education programme - 216 lecture hours.

Consulting and methodological assistance: Study Centre for Arts Management at Basel University / Studienzentrum Kulturmanagement der Universitaet Basel (Basel, Switzerland) www.kulturmanagement.org

There is a great need for specialists who can successfully apply essential management technologies affecting the long-term efficacy of programmes in different fields of human activities.

The main objective of the courses elaborated by the CACM is the training of cultural managers who are able to create and to realize social or cultural projects in the context of national and international programmes.

The skills and knowledge they acquire give the CACM students the necessary competences for a wide range of professional activities, from the management of cultural and art organizations to creative industries and from local projects to complex programmes at both the national and international levels.

The CACM offers traditional training forms (lectures, workshops etc.) and practical participation in art projects. The programme comprises an interdisciplinary approach, integrative analytical methods and personal communication techniques.

In the development of the students' projects specific attention will be given to efficient use of resources as well as to the social utility of the project.

The Centre's activities are based on the partnership with Ukrainian and foreign institutions / organizations in the field of culture and art. Thus, the courses provide a "double qualification" allowing the CACM alumni to be well acquainted with cultural policy in different countries as well as to apply management skills efficiently.

Up-to-date training methods developed by international specialists are used within the course programme.

The CACM offers its students practical and motivating studies thanks to its international staff possessing excellent academic and professional qualifications in the sphere of cultural management. The curriculum offers a very good balance between theory and practice. Students will participate in organizing cultural and art events like concerts, exhibitions, festivals, they will study in master-classes, workshops etc., and they will follow lectures delivered by cultural managers of museums, theatres, galleries etc.

Academic year 2008.
The training courses of the Centre consider the contemporary situation in Ukraine's Cultural Policy. Apart from lectures and workshops, the programme is focused on each student's work on an individual creative project that meets the contemporary requirements for innovative solutions in various management fields.

The best students will be given an opportunity to realize their own project under the leadership of experienced trainers and with financial support from the CACM.

Successful students will obtain a Certificate testifying the attendance of the training/retraining in the sphere of cultural management.

Full-time tuition:
6 months Programme (15 courses) - 1500 UAH
Distance training:
Set of individual programme (5 courses) - 1300 UAH
Individual course - 300 UAH Deadline for applications: 31 January 2009

For more details, please contact:
Phone/fax (38 0482) 722 52 83
E-mail: cacm@cacm.odessa.ua
Home: www.cacm.odessa.ua