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On August 26-27, 2006 the Training of Trainers/TOT. About linking of theory and practice in the training course took place

The Programme of this workshop includes two main topics:

  1. Discussion on results of Summer School - 2006
  2. How to convey practical experiences well in a group of students

According to the needs of the target groups, summer schools/SS were proposed as one of the training forms for persons, who are not in a position to follow longer-term training. These courses are practice-oriented and focused on concrete examples of the project management in the cultural field. To improve activities of the CACM in this sphere we have invited as participants of this workshop people who work successfully in practical areas and students in order to know what they would like to see in the CACM course. Everyday problems in cultural institutions were discussed as well.

The training was moderated by Natalia Kusik- Educational program coordinator.