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Odessa, Ukraine
December 4, 2004

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Organizer: International public organization Association New Music
Financial support: HELVETIA, Swiss Cultural Programme South-East Europe And Ukraine, Funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Location: WorldWide Club of Odessites, 7 Marazlievska Str.

Program of the workshop
10.00 Opening of the workshop
Presentation of the project Centre of Applied Cultural Management /CACM.
Aim, tasks and main directions in the CACM activities.
Lecturer: Oleksandr Perepelytsya - director of the CACM

10.30 About the development of program activities: development and creation of the programs.
Lecturers: Iryna Buzhina and Svitlana Ovcharenko - coordinators of the educational programs at the CACM

12.00-12.30 Break

12.30 Information about the elaboration and development of new programs.
Lecturer: S.Ovcharenko

13.00 About the profession "manager of culture".
Lecturers: O.Red'ko, N.Polischuk, S.Ilyinykh, M.Potashnik, Ya.Yusim

14.30-15.00 Break

15.00-17.00 Training for trainers
Business games:
What disciplines will be delivered, who will be a students and how knowledge must be delivered?
Development of the general structure of the program, elaboration of forms and training methods, creation of the general strategy for the training of culture manager.

17.00-18.00 General discussion

List of programs to be elaborated at the CACM Draft-curriculum
Title of the program32 day coursesSummer School
1. Cultural Policy/Promotion of culture development (local, regional, national and international)2412x2x 
2. Economics of non-profit organizations of culture 189x2x 
3. Strategic management in the sphere of culture 63x2x 
4. Organizational Management of institutions of culture and art 126x2  
5. Personnel management126x2 x 
6. Financial management (search for financing and sponsorship) 2412x2x 
7. Marketing126x2x 
8. Public Relations, mass media management 126x2x 
9. Management of specific institutions/organizations of culture (museums, galleries, theatres, cinema, TV, orchestras, philharmonies and other)2412x2x 
10. Project management189x2x 
11. Legal and ethical aspects of cultural work63x2x 
12. International Relationships/Intercultural63x2  
13. Arts and Culture Studies63x2  
14. Specific topics (management of festivals, organizing of exhibitions etc.)189x2  
TOTAL: 198 hours   


  1. Beloshits'ka Victoria, program manager at Odessa TV Company
  2. Bychkova Oksana, chief specialist at the Department of culture of the Regional administration (Odessa)
  3. Binovska Tetyana, painter, manager of the Marine gallery (Odessa)
  4. Buzhina Iryna, docent at the South-Ukrainian K.D.Ushinsky University (Odessa)
  5. Golovsky Sergey, HR manager "Palma" (Odessa)
  6. Golubovs'ka Hanna, manager of the private art gallery "Liberti" (Odessa)
  7. Illinykh Saule, analyst at the Informational Centre "Democracy Trough the Culture" (Kyiv)
  8. Kalmykov Stepan, professor at the South-Ukrainian K.D.Ushinsky University (Odessa)
  9. Khachatryan Asmik, office-manager at the CACM (Odessa)
  10. Kvitko Victoria, professor at Odessa Economical University (Odessa)
  11. Mazarova Svitlana, chief specialist at the Department of culture of the Regional administration (Odessa)
  12. Moldavanova Alisa, the CACM project consultant (Kyiv)
  13. Neverko Olga, Director of Odessa cinema studio (Odessa)
  14. Novikov Yury painter, manager of the art gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  15. Ovcharenko Svitlana, professor at Odessa National I.I.Mechnikov University
  16. Ovchinnikova Albina, professor at Odessa National I.I.Mechnikov University
  17. Perepelytsya Oleksandr, director of the CACM (Odessa)
  18. Polischuk Natalia, manager of the Odessa Art museum (Odessa)
  19. Potashnik Mykola, manager of the VIP Art Club (Kyiv)
  20. Red'ko Olena, director of Odessa Theatre of Musical Comedy (Odessa)
  21. Samoylenko Oleksandra, professor, Vice-Rector of Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Musical Academy
  22. Semenov Yury, lecturer at the Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Musical Academy
  23. Sheyko Natalia, Deputy Director of the Russian Drama Theatre (Odessa)
  24. Shulze Brigitte, journalist, cultural manager (Wilheim)
  25. Sichkovska Irina, manager of the Radio Company "Iryna" (Odessa)
  26. Solodovnik Svitlana, Deputy of the Head of the Department of Culture and Art of executive Committee of municipality (Odessa)
  27. Tsepkolenko Karmella, docent at the Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Musical Academy, President of the International Public Organization Association New Music (Odessa)
  28. Vladymyrska Galyna, manager of the WorldWide Club of Odessites
  29. Volchenko Nataliya, PR- manager at the CACM (Odessa)
  30. Yaromich Svitlana, professor at the Academy of State Administration at the President of Ukraine (Odessa)
  31. Yusim Yan, Head of Odessa Union of cinema clubs (Odessa)
  32. Zharovtseva Tetyana, professor at the South-Ukrainian K.D.Ushynsky State University (Odessa)