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International conference for art managers

On April 24-25, 2006 the Centre for Applied Cultural Management held the International conference for art managers. The conference covered one of the topical issues of nowadays "Financial Sustainability of Cultural Institutions: Challenges and Solutions".

The lack of funds for the culture is a universal problem everywhere: in all the developing and developed countries. Among participants there were 35 representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Moldova, Germany, Russia, Tatarstan, Hungary and Ukraine (in total 35 persons).

One of the main tasks of the conference was discussing of the fundraising issues and realization of efficient fundraising campaigns for art projects and cultural institutions trying to see, what's happening in this direction in different countries and what are the lessons learned.
Two general topics were proposed for the round table discussion:
Is it possible to make profits out of culture and arts?
Ethical aspects of taking money for culture

The following aspects were be discussed in smaller groups with further presentation in front of everyone:
Financing culture and state policy
Sponsoring: culture and business
Culture and international donor institutions

In result of the conference participants shared their fundraising experience and gained more ideas on planning and conducting efficient fundraising campaigns for their projects and institutions.
In this sense very useful was the meeting with Tomas Bokstad (Sweden) and Adam Jeans (Great Britain) - producers of the European artistic project Black SEAS/North SEAS initiated by Intercult (Sweden). They shared their experience in the field of International cooperation when first "wave" of the SEAS was realized.
Participants learnt more about different State policies with regard to supporting culture, which exist in their home countries and analyzed best and worst approaches in this direction.