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On June 23 - 26 the Evaluation/ planning workshop has place in Odessa (Hotel Londonskaya).

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Its Agenda included the following topics
General review of the state of the courses elaborating
Presentation of courses
Summer School/SS
Review of the first 8 months of the project
Planning for the year 2

The course is aimed at general specialization; students come as specialist of indefinite field. The CACM proposes only fragments and students must to create a complete picture.

It was decided that commission of trainers will put the marks in the evaluation form and the sum will serve as evaluation of student's work. Standard certificate will prove attendance as well as competence of the CACM work.

The elaboration process of curricula is complex and interdisciplinary process involving lecturers/trainers, who must keep close contact to make curricula consequent and well - structured. Thus it was decided to have few working meetings before the SS and to introduce changes according to the workshop's recommendations.

To evaluate efficiency of the SS its general infrastructure the questionnaires must be distributed among participants. The criteria of the Summer School efficacy are student's ability to realize some project independently.

According to the review of the first 8 months of the CACM project the activity for the second year will be focused on:

  • communication involvement of trainers in general issues
  • inclusion of trainers into capacity building program
  • increasing of capacity building of the team: internal and external (training study visits etc., accent on Basel University).

Students will be involved actively in the training process and trainers must have an adequate understanding of training methods.

Collaboration with Basel could be strengthened: longer visits and more close collaboration with R. Keller; publications, information textbook exchange; invitation of trainers for the long-term course.

It was decided as well that the conception of long-term courses will be changed from 9 months to 6 months (2 weekends - 4 days, two times in month - 16 hours). Start of long-term course is January 2006.

Participants stated that workshop reached its goal; it was very efficient, although its Program was too stressed. The CACM organization work coordinated by both Rolf Keller and Elisa Fuchs was well done. However more involvement of trainers in the work is necessary. It was concluded that the CACM team is enough competent to realize all tasks according to the plan.