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June 14-18, 2007 the Evaluation/ Planning Workshop of the Cooperation Project "CACM" in Odessa took place. It was dedicated to the Review of the third year (October 2006 - May 2007) of the project implementation.

O.Perepelytsya expressed gratitude to the SCP for possibility to realize wonderful project, that Ukraine had moving forward in the field of cultural management.
E.Fuchs said that they are glad to be here altogether in this important moment, because all project team is here
The main topic of given workshop was sustainability. Participants discussed: What worked well? What could be arranged better? Specific situation caused by fire was discussed as well. It was stressed that common aim of the people involved in is that the CACM project works well.

Here are several items included in Agenda:
Project achievements and tasks performance in accordance with the Activity Plan and Strategic Development Directions
Strategic positioning of CACM
Planning of the year 4 of the project
Strategic issues and specific objectives for the forth year
Event towards promotion of the CACM
Meeting with the ECF

Following statements and proposals were made within the discussion round.

The level of activities is quite successful and stable. The CACM team had managed to do key educational modules and have perspective of new courses development.
Quality of teaching is good. Two volume textbook could be improved as to the teaching methods, which is especially important for new lecturers/ trainers, who need a time for training. Methodology could be helpful for the self education. Therefore it would be useful to edit the book for trainers/lecturers.

The CACM staffs are experienced in practical management and have regular contacts with stakeholders. The Centre bridges regional and local government administrations, private and state cultural institutions, private commercial organisations, various foundations both in Ukraine and abroad.
The key strengths of the CACM offer
The CACM offer is unique due to the innovative character of its work and approaches. Our offer is attractive, because the Cultural Management courses have a convenient intensive format; the CACM has a flexible curriculum structure, which meets the concrete needs of its clients.
Specificity is that the CACM programs are based on the original methodology of practical training. But the most important is the practical orientation of the CACM trainings towards professionals. This is Centres' main difference from the competitors. The CACM also offers the combination of lectures and study visits to cultural institutions through out its courses, offering the students the possibility to communicate with the acting managers of cultural institutions.
We are not in competition with the universities, because the CACM proposes more updated model of studying/teaching. The topics proposed by the CACM differ from course contents of the rest universities.
The main difference and strengths of the CACM programs in comparison with its competitors are:
- practical character of the training;
- flexibility of methods and educational forms;
- good match with the clients' needs (longer education for people, who have more time for attending training; short term programs and seminars for working professionals).

Thus it was concluded that the CACM offers a universal training program on Cultural Management, while its competitors mostly offer training in a certain area of the cultural management, such as library and informational management, theatre management, tourism management, etc.
The advantage of the CACM education and training system is the combination of theoretical knowledge and especially practical skills. Through short-term workshops, summer schools and long-term trainings the CACM improves professional skills of individuals in the field of cultural management. The educational curricula elaborated at the CACM meets the contemporary scientific and practical requirements and it ensures a close connection between theoretical knowledge and practical know-how required in cultural management.
The aims of the year 4 of the project are consolidation and stability. Strategy is to keep the position of stability.

Event towards promotion of the CACM
During this workshop the concluding event towards promotion of the CACM was discussed as well. It was decided that it should reflect the three year project activity for the promotion the CACM as organization. The work of alumni after completion of the CACM courses will be represented to demonstrate what namely they have got after training at the Centre.
Thus it would be the one day interdisciplinary action made in the cultural managers associated content. At the first plan will be activities of the students what work they have got after completion of the CACM courses.
We would like to draw attention of big public to importance of cultural management in a whole and to make focus that the renaissance of the
The key message is: Modern, unique culture is essential to society. In order culture alive, then cultural management is important.

Within given workshop the meeting with the representatives of the European Cultural Foundation took place
Some ideas and proposals for the possible synergy/cooperation was discussed