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Practical lessons

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Every Friday and Saturday long-term courses are realized at the Educational Centre. Along with lectures and lessons focused on practical applicability of knowledge the students participated in realization of art projects.
Thus, at the preparatory work to the International festival of modern art "Two Days and Two Nights of New Music" (April 21-23, 2006) the CACM students had chance to apply their manager's skills in practice. They learnt details of the organizing process and realizing of large-scale artistic action.

In result of visiting of Marine Gallery students learnt about preparing of thematic exhibitions with the participation of foreign partners. Art manager Tetyana Binovska told about nearest work plans of above gallery.

During visit to the art studio of Sviatoslav Gorbenko and Honoured artist of Ukraine Anatoly Gorbenko students were acquainted with new works by these artists. Trainer Natalia Kusik told about papers required for the art exhibition organizing and the best way for the art product presentation aimed at its further realization.

Students of long-term course participated in two press-conferences where they had possibility to communicate with journalists, artists, art managers. First press-conference was held on April 13 and it was dedicated to the 12 edition of the International festival of modern art "Two Days and Two Nights of New Music" (April 21-23, 2006). Organizers detailed the story of this festival, told about participants, programme, sponsors and partners.

Next press-conference took place at the Odessa Regional Office of British Council http://www.britishcouncil.org. where a large scale European artistic project Black SEAS/North SEAS initiated by the Intercult (Sweden) http://www.intercult.se was represented. Students asked producers and managers about the selection process for the artist, who will participate in given project.

Owing to the CACM students involvement in above actions they were acquainted with the preparatory work to the artistic action, with the planning and fundraising, advertising company, search for partners, sponsors, producers etc. Students were acquainted as well with the materials required for the running of the press-conference in due course (list of participants, press-release, advertising materials etc).
It was a good chance for students to apply their theoretical knowledge and manager's skills as well as to communicate with practical managers who have a long-term experience in sphere of art and culture.

The Summer School - 2005 alumni and students of the long term courses successfully applied knowledge which they have got in result of training at the Centre for Applied Cultural Management. Thus, f.i. Asmati Chibalashvili (alumnus of the Summer School - 2005, and now she is a student of long-term course) participated in international project "Ukrainian Art Youth" (April 2006).
Young art managers - Marina Mokhriakova and Oleksandr Perepelytsya - junior, who are graduates of Summer School - 2005, participated in International project "Tramway 5", initiated by producer Iryna Tkachenko and film director Hugo Shaer (Switzerland).