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TOT-workshop for art/cultural managers New techniques and models for cultural management training was realized on March 28 - April 1, 2007.
Practical managers were invited specially to participate in given event aimed at the:
- improvement of the quality of cultural management in Ukraine
- building up an international network of professional art managers
- adaptation of the cultural management models existing in Europe for the specific conditions of Ukraine
In result of training Contemporary forms for the cultural management training participants learnt how to plan visits to cultural institutions, how to make them more effective, how to instruct students, how to collaborate with the managers (hosts of the visits).
To improve activities of the CACM in above mentioned sphere we have invited people working successfully as practitioners (in particular professional managers of museums and galleries) for the round-table to discuss new art management strategies, contemporary techniques and cultural issues at the background of economic and political situation of changed Europe. Such meetings are very useful because new generation of cultural administrators who are open to the best practices are brought together. Cultural managers have got know-how and new art management strategies as well as contemporary training techniques. Participants mentioned that module training system allow visits to institutions be introduced as an integral part of education process. Therefore it was proposed to increase the number of such visits in order students have chance to outline the field for the further activities and lecturers could give material based on the day-to-day practice.
Practical orientation of given workshop was highly appreciated by participants who expressed a wish to purchase the DVD ROM (that will be soon released) with the training materials.
This event has been supported as well by the grant from European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).