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The interdisciplinary promo - action "Coming together!" dedicated to three year activity of the Centre for Applied Cultural Management/CACM was held on December 7, 2007 in the "heart of Odessa" - Cultural Centre (Rishelievska street 9A).
During the planning workshop on June 14 - 18, 2007 it was proposed to organize and to hold on the promo-action (initial titles were: "Bomb-party", then "We are here!", then "Dream Party" and finally "Coming together!") dedicated to the three year activities of the Centre for Applied Cultural Management. Then the conception was formulated as well. It was decided that three parts will form the program of the interdisciplinary promo action:
I .Round table
II. Presentation of the CACM alumni projects
III. Performance by specially invited artists
To send a message for the further development of the CACM and to attract attention of the stakeholders interested in training activities of the Centre it was decided to invite the famous persons in the field of culture and art of contemporary Ukraine.
The task of this action was also to bring together experienced art/cultural managers with their more junior colleagues to share ideas and exchange views on forefront cultural management topics in a free and informal atmosphere.
Administrators and art/cultural managers, lecturers/teachers and students of the high educational institutions, the CACM alumni, and representatives of local/regional government, sponsors and donors, journalists and all people interested in culture development were invited to participate in this event.
This event was aimed at the regional expansion of the CACM activity as well as at the drawing attention to the importance of cultural management in a whole. With this aim the alumni's projects after completion of the CACM courses were presented in order to demonstrate what namely these people have got after training at the Centre.

At the opening of this event the round-table was held. Cultural operators, stakeholders, famous, experienced art/cultural managers took part in debate session with the representatives of city cultural administration.
Oleksandr Butsenko was invited for the round table moderation. O. Butsenko is famous specialist in the field of local cultural policy development, he is a leader of the CACM partner organization - NGO "Democracy Through the Culture" (Kyiv, Ukraine) and the Director of second Cooperation project "Model 21" implemented by the Swiss Cultural Program in Ukraine.
Elisa Fuchs - Program director Swiss Cultural Program South-East Europe and Ukraine (SCP) (Switzerland) and Ludmyla Garbuz - Director of the Swiss Cultural Program Ukraine (Kyiv) welcomed all participants.

The following issues were proposed for the discussion:

  • What management does culture need?
  • Why should culture be in need of management?
  • What kind of management can be useful to culture and the arts?
  • In what ways can management be of help to the development of the arts, of culture in general?
  • What are the advantages of professional cultural management?
  • What could be improved in Odessa if the city wants really to make culture an important resource of the city (for improving the living quality of the city and its attractiveness for investments, for tourism etc?)
  • How Odessa can use better its cultural resources and potentials?
  • How public and private responsible and employees in the domain of culture can upgrade their knowledge and their capacity?
The key participants of the round table made oral contribution that gave push to further discussion.
Oleksandr Perepelytsya told about the development of cultural management in Odessa, the CACM system of education and training based on the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
Svitlana Solodovnik - a Head of the City Department of Culture - told about work of this Department and communication tools between NGO working in the sphere of culture and art as well as cultural resources of Odessa.
Oleksandr Surzhenko (participant of Summer School 2006) - Chief conductor of Zaporizhzhya Regional V.G.Magara Musical-Drama Theater (Zaporizhzhya). His contribution was dedicated to Influence of the cultural management on the artist. Thus O. Surzhenko told about what he personally has got after training at the Centre. In particular, he made 10 minutes presentation (audio-material) of the project Four mono operas, to be premiered in different Ukrainian cities in spring 2008.
Yury Andrykhovych (special guest) - famous Ukrainian writer, poet, essayist (Ivano-Frankivsk) - made comparison between Ukrainian and West-European audience. His enthusiastic speech was dedicated to Ukrainian cultural context: needs and potentials.
Lesya Oliynyk - General Secretary of the Ukrainian National Committee of the UNESCO International Council (Kyiv, Ukraine) - made focus on that theoretical training is not efficient while there is no in Ukraine still laws on sponsors in cultural field. She focused her report on that it is very important now to preserve cultural environment for the creation of true masterpieces.
Natalia Kusik the CACM Educational Programs Coordinator - told about Specificity of cultural management teaching in the courses. She said that a curriculum developed within this project is unique product and it is necessary to go forward towards its constant improvement and application in educational cultural institutions. Her report was focused on the necessity to consolidate efforts on the training activities.
Ludmyla Zaliubinska - member of the CACM Board, Professor at the Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University (Odessa, Ukraine) told about her training experience in the field of cultural management. He gave information by topic What is necessary to improve in Odessa cultural life.
Irina Smokvina (alumnus of the Summer School 2007) - Director of the Institute of Psychology - told about her project aimed at the development of artistic skills.
Participants discussed the top issues of contemporary culture, as well as some aspects of the local cultural policy development, but the main focus was made on that the cultural management is essential to contemporary Ukrainian society.
The focus of the discussion was made on that the renaissance of the cultural management was initiated by the CACM and it is necessary to consolidate efforts for its future long-life activities.
One of the main tasks of this event was to prove the effective modern type management skills. Then 6 cultural projects by the CACM alumni were demonstrated in order to show various genres and diversity of activities field for the art manager's work.
"SIBERIAN PARTY" was represented by project manager: Galina Onisko (Odessa, Ukraine) - alumnus of the Long-term courses 2007.
Presentation was accompanied by demonstration of the video-film about activities of Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Novosibirsk (Russia). Creative group consists of people of different professions. Thus, Galina Onisko, Valentina Valantir and Yury Belobrov - are physicians; Nikolay Banit - photographer; Sharygina Nadezhda - psychologist; Ludmila Kats - interpreter; Victoriya Bezsonova - librarian; Galina Onisko (junior) - art critic, student of Kyiv-Mogyla Academia (culturology); Pavlova Snezhana - journalist; Oxana Kolsun' - musician, sound engineer, psychologist.
"MUSICAL-POETRY PARTY" - dedicated to the creative work of contemporary poet Isaak Maydenberg was represented by cultural manager: Kira Maydenberg (Odessa, Ukraine) - alumni of the Summer School 2006. Premiere of this project took place in November 2006 in Odessa Scientist Club. Some video-materials about main points of this party were shown.
Young cultural managers Anna Tikhoplav (Yuzhny, Ukraine) and Yanina Ginkineva (Odessa, Ukraine) - alumni of the Long-term courses 2006 - represented "MUSIC MARINE FEST" - international festival of young composers and performers of new music.
Project "FASHION SHOW" has brought together alumni of the Summer School 2005 and Long-term course 2006. Premiere of this project has place on July 2006 in Odessa Actor's Club.
Project manager: Oleksandr Dmytrenko (Odessa, Ukraine) - alumni of the Summer School 2006 -fashion designer of new generation.
"RHYTHM WORKSHOP" (Artistic directors: Oleksiy Hylko and Silveta Ataullina) was performed by project manager: Aya Perfilieva (Odessa, Ukraine) famous dancer and choreographer, who participated in Summer School 2006.
The CACM alumni expressed their gratitude to the Swiss Cultural Program South-East Europe and Ukraine for granted possibility to be trained at the Centre.
Yury Andrukhovych (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) famous Ukrainian writer, poet, essayist and music group MERTVY PIVEN (Lviv - Kharkiv, Ukraine) performed their program THE SONGS FOR MERTVY PIVEN.

Message of this event is "We are here!" (still alive despite of fire)Thanks to the realization of this relatively short event the CACM has attained to new segment of society and has drawn attention to the importance of cultural management. Audience expressed their interest in work of the Centre and training courses became more known thanks to this action.
Thus it was explained and it was shown what the CACM is doing and achieving.
The CACM team took the chance to carry conviction that modern, unique culture is essential to society.

Andrukhovych Yury - writer, poet, esseist (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
Butsenko Olexandr - Director of the Development Centre "Democracy Through the Culture" (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Dmitrenko Oleksandr - fashion designer (Odessa, Ukraine)
Dobrovolsky Volodymyr - post graduate student at Kyiv State P.Tchaikovsky Musical Academy (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Dovbush Yevhen - soloist of the National orchestra of Odessa Philharmonic Society
Khersonska Ludmyla - interpreter (Odessa, Ukraine)
Maidenberg Isaak - writer (Odessa, Ukraine)
Maydenberg Kira - composer, student at Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy
Mokhryakova Marina - musician, post graduate student at Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy (Ukraine)
Oliynyk Lesya - General Secretary of the Ukrainian National Committee of the UNESCO International Council (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Panchenko Yulia - soloist of Odessa Opera and Ballet House (Ukraine)
Perfilieva Aya - choreographer and dancer (Odessa, Ukraine)
Surzhenko Oleksandr - Chief conductor of Zaporizhzhya Regional V.G.Magara Musical-Drama Theater (Ukraine)
Tikhoplav Anna - composer, artistic director of the International festival for young musicians and composers (Yuzhny, Ukraine)
Tsepkolenko Karmella - member of the CACM Board, composer, artistic director of the festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music, president of the international public organization Association New Music, professor at the Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy (Ukraine)
Vladymyrska Galyna - Editor in Chief of the magazine Favorit Udachi (Odessa, Ukraine)
Vladymyrsky Oleg - journalist, photo-artist, manager of the photo art studio (Odessa, Ukraine)
Zakharchenko Igor - post graduate student at Kyiv State P.Tchaikovsky Musical Academy (Ukraine)
Zaliubinska Ludmyla - member of the CACM Board, professor at the Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University (Ukraine)
Dance Theater of Aya Perfilieva (Odessa, Ukraine)
Group MERTVY PIVEN (Lviv-Kharkiv, Ukraine)