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Second project year review

The training activity in cultural management is a "core business" of the CACM and it's a priority strategic goal in the Development Plan.

Thus, second year of the CACM project was mainly focused on educational activities: further elaborating and approbating the cultural management courses; establishing curriculums for Summer School/SS and Long Term Course/LTC; conducting and evaluating basic educational modules; testing and correcting the teaching methods.

Project local consultant - Alisa Moldavanova listed main achievements of the CACM in her overview report for 8 months at the Evaluation/ Planning Workshop, June 16-19, 2006.

Executive Director of the CACM - Oleksandr Perepelytsya reported the best results for the second year (October 2005-September 2006):

  • reconstruction of premises for the Educational Centre
  • recruitment of students and opening of the Long Term Courses
  • preparation and publication of the training courses

Long Term Courses/LT

The renovation of premises for the Educational Center of the CACM was finished in due time and the official opening ceremony for the LTC was on January 20, 2006.
Representatives of State regional and city authorities, cultural operators, artists, professors and managers of the Odessa educational institutions, mass-media representatives and leaders of Odessa NGOs were invited. The trainers, recruited students and alumni of the Summer School - 2005 also took part in the event.
Executive Director of the CACM, staff and lecturers informed the participants about the CACM project and its goals as well as about the pilot character of this course for Ukraine. The CACM director also told about the preparatory work and course approbation at the Summer School - 2005 and thanked to the project sponsor Swiss Cultural Programme in South-East Europe and Ukraine (Zurich, Switzerland) and to the Study Center for Arts Management at the Basel University (Basel, Switzerland) for consulting and methodological assistance.
The SS-2005 alumni shared their impressions about taking part in the cultural management course and told how the gained skills and knowledge affected their work. For instance, Natalia Khramova said that participation in Summer School gave her an impulse to continue her education at the LTC. Marina Bondarenko, who is working as a manager at the Odessa Theatre of Musical Comedy, shared her experience of successfully application of knowledge and skills gained at the SS. Sviatoslav Gorbenko expressed his gratitude to the CACM and trainers for "having opened" the fundraising secrets to him.
As a practical part we offer to students an opportunity to participate in the organizing and managing different cultural actions and events on a voluntary basis. On April CACM called for volunteers for the project International Festival of Modern Art Two Days and Two Nights of New Music organized by the Association New Music. The volunteer work for cultural institutions is good chance for students to gain certain practical skills and to apply their knowledge in the long-term course format.
The defense of the projects by LTC studentstook place on July 2, 2006. It is noteworthy that projects cover various fields of art. Students preferred to make a team projects. They work under conception and then realize their ideas in practice. It is one of the achievements of the CACM training system; because people form creative groups and they continue to work together.
The students of the LTC (January-June, 2006) presented their creative projects (in total 8). 18 students were handled Certificates.

Thus the International festival of young composers and performers of contemporary music Music Marine Fest (authors: Ginkiniova Yanina, Tikhoplav Anna and Chibalashvili Asmati) awarded by small grant (realization - November 2006).

Summer School - 2006 was realized on July 24 - August 4.

The CACM has common vision on the Summer School as a visit card of the whole course. The Program of the SS was formed with the consideration of the past year experience based on the participants' feedback.

Two new courses were represented as introductory lectures: Management of Cultural Industry and Information management.

However, two courses were not included in the Program as compared with the SS-2005.

  1. Arts and Culture Studies. It is understandable that within intensive course of SS it is impossible to cover such comprehensive topic. Furthermore it is assumed that the CACM students know history of the art and they can study this course independently. The main task of our trainers is to give them a practical skill.
  2. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Cultural Activities. It was planned to deliver 2 hour lecture, but due to illness of lecturer it was replaced by the Project Management since it is a core course, then students expressed wish to have more lessons and theoretical material on this course.

Additionally to the lectures the following events were included in Agenda of SS-2006:

- Visits to cultural/art institutions: Odessa Mikhail Vodianoy Theatre of Musical Comedy; Private Art Studio of Sviatoslav Gorbenko (alumnus of SS-2005); office of the International public organization Association New Music/ANM; Odessa film studio and Museum of Cinematograph History; Odessa National A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy; and Maritime Art Gallery at Odessa Sea Port.

- Presentation of projects by the LTC students:

  • Festival of alternative music "Podjem" - author Verbyts'ka Iryna
  • International festival for young composers and performers of contemporary music "Music Marine Fest" - authors: Ginkiniova Yanina, Tikhoplav Anna and Chibalashvili Asmati

- Meetings (round-tables) with artists, cultural managers, producers, musicians, choreographers etc.: Aya Perfilieva - famous Odessa dancer and choreographer, leader of the Choreographic Theatre; Aleksandr Surzhenko - chief conductor of Zaporizhia Magar Musical Drama Theatre; Karmella Tsepkolenko - composer, President of International Public Organization Association New Music/ANM, Artistic director of the International festival of contemporary art Two Days and Two Nights of New Music; Vadim Kostromenko - film director, manager of Museum of Cinematograph History at Odessa film studio; Sviatoslav Gorbenko -artist, cultural manager and director of Private Art Studio; Olena Red'ko - manager of Odessa Mikhail Vodianoy Theatre of Musical Comedy, Binovskaya Tatyana - artist and manager of Maritime Art Gallery at the Odessa Sea Port.

All above listed events were really interesting for students. Participants of these meetings have got mutual benefits: on the one hand, students had chance to communicate directly with practical managers and to look at the situation in cultural institutions by a "fresh sight" and they even gave some recommendations based on the knowledge of new technologies and European management models. Participants see the wide field for the application of their managers' skill. On the other hand, experienced and as a rule successful art/cultural managers gladly shared their work experience and expressed individual point of view on the nowadays issues. In addition, the CACM students could be hired as employees for these cultural institutions.

Students learnt from practical managers about the top issues of contemporary art management, details of day-to-day work and problems which cultural administrators face with. For instance, Aya Perfilieva told about situation with the art management in the sphere of choreography. Aya said that she would like to have professional art manager in her team, because now she combines duties as choreographer dancer, team leader and manager/administrator that are too complicated. In result few students were invited for practice, to apply their manager's skills in this Choreographic Theatre. Aleksandr Surzhenko -chief conductor of Zaporizhia Musical Drama Theatre - told about state of art in Ukrainian theatre management. His speech was focused on the personnel management and relationship between key persons in the theatre. A. Surzhenko said that contemporary theatre suffers from old administrative system, that many of managers use outdated technologies; therefore he is sure that the CACM courses are extremely important now for Ukrainian culture, because managers of new generation are trained here.

Students were actively involved in teaching process through the interactive methods and due to new presentation forms of theoretical material. Very efficient is methodology, when practical trainings are incorporated into lecture. For instance, this year the CACM team used new form: combination of theoretical material with practical recommendations: PhD Natalia Kusik and Ilona Shevchenko (lecturers) told about theoretical aspects of the Project Management and Natalia Volchenko (PR and information officer) gave case-studies based on the own manager's experience. Then, at the visit to the artist studio students were acquainted with new works and creative plans by Sviatoslav Gorbenko (alumnus of SS-2005) who successfully combines managers and artist activity. Trainer PhD Natalia Kusik told about required papers, budget items for the organizing of the art exhibition, and what is the best way for the art product presentation aimed at its further realization. Karmella Tsepkolenko, President of ANM, artistic director of the International festival of contemporary art Two Days and Two Nights of New Music told about Festival Management, partners, sponsors and fundraising activity for the ANM. Vadim Kostromenko - film director, told about state of contemporary management in the sphere of film production industry, about history of Odessa film studio, about establishment of Museum of cinematograph history. Participants of the SS visited this Museum at the studio, where they could follow the history of film production. In result of this visiting students learnt about nearest work plans of film studio and Museum, about prospective of this field of art. V. Kostromenko invited students to work as volunteers for the renovation of Museum. Tatyana Binovskaya, manager of the Maritime Art Gallery at the Odessa Sea Port informed about issues and achievements in the sphere of Art Gallery Management. Tatyana shared her own experience, she told about preparatory organizing period of the art exhibitions and work with sponsors. She also told about necessity to consolidate efforts of creative people and about Union Klepsidra.

It should be noted that skills of the CACM lecturers/trainers was essentially improved as compared with the last year SS, first of all due to their participation in numerous TOTs, workshops organized by the Centre and other organizations. Especially useful was intensive TOT conducted by Mrs. Lydia Rufer (Switzerland), because exercises referred to the Summer School experience and additional ideas on how to improve the general structure of the SS-2006 and its organization were gained. Odessa team has got information on the improvement of training techniques, skills and methodological activities. The CACM trainers gained additional skills on how to plan and organize lessons, how to build work in heterogeneous group and how to get students' feedback. At the SS 2006 our trainers applied different ways of interaction in the teaching process. Participants of this TOT have got the copies of the video training exercises and Certificates issued by the Study Centre for Arts Management at the Basel University /Studienzentrum Kulturmanagement der Universitat Basel (Switzerland).

List of authors and projects represented at the Summer School 2006

  1. Onisko Galina, Vardanyan Anny and Bylinka Vitaly Balance of Worlds - role game
  2. Zima Ludmila and Makienko Stepan Music of Spheres
  3. Surzhenko Aleksandr and Ermakova Olena Creative workshop
  4. Maydenberg Kira Musical-poetry party, dedicated to the creative work of contemporary poet Isaak Maydenberg
  5. Garmider Daria City competition of the puppet-show performances
  6. Lazorko Andriy and Sidorenko Uliana Competition of Advertisement in cultural institutions
  7. Brusko Tetyana New Sight - establishment of the Art Centre
  8. Chelushkin Oleksandr Paraxenes Ikones - disco-modern-dance-show

Lecturers and students evaluated projects independently and in result marks given by the Commission and participants coincided.
Educational Program Coordinator - PhD Natalia Kusik on behalf of commission announced the results, she explained the evaluation marks and gave recommendations on the projects improvement.
Standard certificate form proving attendance as well as competence of the CACM work was handled to 24 students on August 5.
People of different age, various specializations and professions, experience and education level were brought together as participants of SS. Good idea to form heterogeneous group was proved this year again, because heterogeneous group works efficiently.

The most important is that students have got practical skills required for the realization of their own projects as well as the exchange of useful and practical information took place. Students were actively involved in the teaching process due to efficient application of interactive methods. It was true interactive communication: participants gave numerous cases from their practice as well as got information about specificity and details of contemporary art management, issues arising in day-to-day administrators work. Practical cultural managers share their experience with participants of SS. New cases provided by students and practical cultural managers will be introduced into the course. Thus it was again proved that such methodology, when theoretical lessons are combined with the practical trainings is very efficient. This year more time was given to informal communication between students and trainers that is very useful to react immediately on the situation. For instance due to the illness of trainer it was urgent necessity to replace lectures on Legal and Ethical Aspects of Cultural Activities. Then after communication with students we have decided to deliver the Project Management because students expressed wish to take more lessons and theoretical material on this course.

Thus, this year the CACM proposed two new courses: 1) Management of Cultural Industry (2 lectures) and 2) Information management (2 lectures). In result of communication with students we have understood that these courses require further detailed elaboration and improvement.

A wide range of possibilities for cultural managers' activities were represented: starting from organizing of Museum, for instance at the cinema studio, till realizing of large-scale multidisciplinary international action such as festival. Students have got a chance to be acquainted with "individual work activities" (Aya Perfilieva, Svyatoslav Gorbenko) as well as with huge "art factory" (theatre, film studio), with activities of managers of State institutions of culture and art (gallery, film studio, Odessa and Zaporizhia theatres) and with cultural NGO (ANM).
Participants expressed opinion proving that courses on the cultural management are of a top importance for Ukraine, because new generation administrators working by European management model are trained at the CACM.
The CACM team is sure that participants have got impulse to generate new creative ideas!

Trainings of trainers and workshops

Seven TOTs and short- term workshops were organized and held in the second project year:

Besides above listed events the CACM staff members and alumni (Long-Term Course and Summer School 2005) participated in two TOTs organized by other institutions, in particular:

This project year was also associated with wider publicity and expanding activities and promotion in the other regions. A briefing for local mass media was conducted on November 8, 2005 at the Odessa Press - Club (Velyka Arnautska street 72/74). The speakers stressed the attention to top problem: existing cultural management challenges in Ukraine caused by the absence of efficient cultural management training for the managers of cultural institutions and art project leaders. The journalists were informed about the CACM project and its purposes, educational approaches, managers' feedback after the successful Summer School 2005, and future plans concerning LTC. Thanks to successful advertising company the CACM has managed to recruit necessary number of students for the long-term training (January - July, 2006) and for the Summer School - 2006.

During short term visit to Kyiv (workshop on May 30-31, 2006) O.Perepelytsya gave an interview to journalist Bohdana Kostyuk, Broadcasting Company Svoboda, Kyiv. Round -table for journalists was organized within the frame of the International Conference (April 2006).

Since March 2006 the CACM also started offering distance learning program and consultations service, including Online consulting services cacm@cacm.odessa.ua

Thus, f.i. bellow listed persons were given comprehensive consultations on the possible questions which could be at the realizing of their creative plans.

  • Producer Iryna Tkachenko (manager, film company FilmOdessa) was given consulting on the preparatory work of cinema Tramway 5 to the International film competition in Zagreb (Croatia). She was consulted about necessary legal documents (formal application, compilation of contract, copyrights etc).
  • Photo artist Stepan Alikyan (a Head of the Photo Artist Union) on the organizing and holding of personal photo-exhibition Creative portraits of contemporary Odessa artists
  • Composer Asmati Chibalashvili get assistance in project writing and submitting it to some foreign foundations
  • Initiative creative team Memory was consulted about organizing and holding of International conference dedicated to the creative activities of established Odessa pianist, professor Ludmila Naumovna Ginzburg. Our lecturers assisted to representatives of this group to write a project, to formulate its aim and tasks, to make a budget for action as well as participants were recommended.

Also the management of Odessa City Department of Culture asked CACM for the consultation on the elaboration of the cultural policy for the city. The Department of Culture managers were interested in culture policy specifics in different regions of the country, its perspective tendencies, and the cultural policy in Europe.

In this connection the International conference for art managers(April 24-25, 2006) was too useful, since it covers one of the topical issues of nowadays Financial Sustainability of Cultural Institutions: Challenges and Solutions. The lack of money for the culture is a universal problem in the developing and developed countries

Participants from Armenia, Moldova, Germany, Russia, Tatarstan, Hungary, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina shared their experience and gained more ideas on planning and conducting efficient fundraising campaigns for projects and institutions. In this sense very useful was the meeting with Tomas Bokstad (Sweden) and Adam Jeans (Great Britain) - producers of the European artistic project Black SEAS/North SEAS initiated by Intercult (Sweden).

The CACM maintains cooperation at national and International level:
- participation of the Executive Director of the CACM .Perepelytsya and N.Volchenko - PR and Information manager in the training specifically designed for the 3-year co-operation projects with the SCP and partners in Ukraine (Kyiv, Democracy Through the Culture realizes cooperation project Model 21: Cultural Transformers http://model21.org.ua/). We have got valuable information on the further development of the CACM as a resource centre for the professional training of managers in sphere of culture and art.

- workshop for the regional managers (September 15-17, 2006): presentation of the Open Society for creative persons of Odessa Klepsydra and meeting with the established cultural/art managers of Odessa Region were organized for the maintenance of networking activities as well as to represent cultural managers of new generation.

The CACM team made a SWOT analysis and jointly with the Project Local Consultant/Monitor, Alisa Moldavanova we have developed Strategic Plan for 2007-2009, that was discussed in details at the Evaluation planning workshop (16-19 June, 2006).

A cultural management course (in two volumes) developed by the CACM has been edited and published. For the CACM promotion and expanding of its activities to other countries of former USSR could be meaningful the fact that courses are bilingual (Russian and Ukrainian).

Successful stories. Now the CACM alumni successfully use the gained knowledge in their day to day activities. People who took courses at the CACM tell about effect of the cultural management knowledge on their work.
Thus, alumni of SS-2005 tell:
Natalia Khramova and Vitaly Pen'ko are sure that participation in the SS gave them impulse to be more informed about the sphere of management and to get more professional knowledge, therefore they decided to continue studying at the LTC. Furthermore, V. Pen'ko realized project Theatre Forever (August 2006).

Marina Bondarenko is working now as a cultural manager for the Odessa Mikhail Vodyanoy Theatre of Musical Comedy, where she successfully applies knowledge that she has got at the Centre.

Painter Sviatoslav Gorbenko expresses gratitude to the staff of the CACM and lecturers of the Summer School for that they have "opened" the fundraising secrets owing to which he has achieved significant results in his activities.

Marina Mokhryakova, Oleksandra Levchenko, Oleksandr Perepelytsya (junior) and Asmati Chibalashvili realized International project European Identity Across the New Outside EU Frontiers supported by MitOst foundation (Stuttgart, Germany). Our alumni demonstrated successfully their managers skill and ability to work independently at International level. The project was realized on April 24-28 in Moldova, Hungary and Ukraine.
Besides, alumnus of SS-2005 Marina Mokhryakova and Oleksandr Perepelytsya junior were invited by film director Hugo Shaer (Switzerland) to participate in his cultural project Tramway 5 premiered on March 30, 2006.

Kateryna Kozhukhovskaya prepared and realized personal photo exhibition within the premises of Odessa children's rehabilitation center (August 2006).

Stakeholders confirmed that cultural management courses elaborated by the CACM team are necessary and development of new training course is very actual issue. Representatives of State regional and city authorities, cultural operators, artists, professors and managers of Odessa educational institutions prove that realization of such innovation project in the education sphere is very important event for Odessa as well as for Ukraine.
The main achievements/successes for the second year are:
15 new written training courses on Cultural Management have been elaborated and tested.
Textbook (2 volumes) on the Management in Sphere of Culture has been published.
42 managers of cultural institutions have attended the SS and LTC on Cultural Management and improved their skills and knowledge.
First circle of the Long Term Course was run (January 21 - July 2, 2006).
Summer School was successfully realized (July 25 -August 7, 2006).
International conference for art managers took place on April 2006.
Seven TOTs and short- term workshops were conducted for local cultural managers All these meetings are helpful for both Ukrainian and foreign participants, because theoretical and practical achievements in contemporary cultural management were discussed and new tendencies in training activities were determined.
Due to effective PR plan the CACM has increased the level of media and public awareness of the project and ensured its publicity. Information on the activities, its staff and alumni is located on the web site of the CACM http://www.cacm.odessa.ua.

Articles about CACM activities were published:
Newspaper Tykva, April 5, 2006, 509(14)
Newspaper Vecherniaya Odessa, 2006, July 27, 109 (8451)
Newspaper Tykva, August 23, 2006, 529(34)