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Development of cultural management education

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September 15-17, 2006. Workshop Development of cultural management education

Following topics were included in the Programme: Development and providing of qualitative cultural management education; As to the improvement of cultural management Curriculum and efficient introduction of innovation methods of teaching; As to the peculiarities of application of efficient teaching methods at the training of art managers; How should be independent work of students-managers organized in a best way?

Also two round-tables discussions were organized:
- What knowledge and skills should cultural management students receive?
- What should be the best ratio between traditional lectures and interactive lessons on the cultural management?

It was concluded that more attention in training courses should be paid namely to practical aspects, to the introduction into the lectures various case studies based on the everyday activities of cultural managers. With this purpose it is necessary to organize more visits to cultural institutions in order students could see possibilities on the application of their theoretical knowledge for the improvement of current situation in cultural management.

This event was moderated by O. Perepelytsya - Executive director of the CACM

Within the frames of this workshop the presentation of the Open Society of creative persons of Odessa Klepsydra and meeting with the following established cultural/art managers of Odessa region were organized:
Natalia Polischuk - art museum manager
Karmella Tsepkolenko - president of the Association New Music
Yevgen Gimmelfarb - writer
Natalia Buraya - cultural manager
Yan Yusim - film director
Liliya Shatykh - writer
Tetyana Schurova- painter
Tetyana Binovskaya - Maritime gallery manager
Igor Rozov - Chief Editor of newspaper
Vera Solodova - manager of Odessa Museum of Regional Studies
Tetyana Leptuga - manager of Odessa Literary Museum
Oleg Filimonov- art manager
Yuriy Kuznetsov - a Head of City Department for Culture

This meeting was included into the workshop program due to several reasons, namely:
- among members of this new organization there are practical managers with whom we collaborate as a trainers at the CACM
- Klepsydra plans to organize and to hold the large-scale International artistic action Creating Moment of Odessa Image in which alumni and students of the CACM could be actively involved as practical managers.
- the most important is that since managers from other Ukrainian regions (Zaporizhia, Lviv, Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky, Simferopol, Kyiv) were among participants, then such meeting was too useful for the maintenance of networking activities.
According with the feedback this workshop was highly evaluated for its practical orientation.