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The third year - decisive

The third project year started in October 2006, but report for the realized activities was made in June 2007 during annual planning workshop, whilst representatives of the Swiss Cultural Programme in Ukraine and all team of the Centre for Applied Cultural Management participated in it.
Specific aims for the third year was determined: a stable development of the Centre as individual organization, fundraising, trainings, development of success and networking activities as well as further promotion of the project.
Professionals' team considered as one of the main achievement as well as developed cultural management courses tested in two formats: short-term (two-week Summer Schools) and long-term (six month courses). Curricula is not restricted by text book, it is improved by methodological works of trainers/lecturers and case studies, which our students brought from their practice. The CACM works towards involvement of students and lecturers of new generation, inviting them to the actions. Thanks to the art management experience stuff of the Centre has good contacts with stakeholders in this sphere. Thus, the CACM creates bridges between creative individuals (musicians, artists, writers) and administrators, who are often called as either cultural managers or art-managers. Cooperation plays important role in collaboration process between individuals as well as foundations, organizations, institutions, which activities are dealt with art and culture. Such relationships take place at national and international level, between State and public organizations and foundations. It looks like the water rings expanding and deeper.
Now it is very important to focus efforts with specific accent on the realization of regular and intense activities like fundraising. In this regard the work with mass media and the Board must be maintained at good level.
Future activities of the CACM could cover the development of the regional cultural policy, since the Centre maintains the civil society establishing through the trainings for managers, who work in the sphere of art and culture.
Participants of June workshop underlined, that now it is important moment for the further existence and maintenance of the Centre activities. Therefore it was proposed to hold on the promo action dedicated to the activity realized for the project years and development of the Centre as independent organization. Project managers from the Switzerland focused attention on the necessity of active involvement of the CACM alumni in organizing and participating in this event, because a lot of investments were made and they have something to show and to say, how their life has been changed after completing of the CACM courses. Key message is: modern, unique culture is essential to society. In order culture alive, then cultural management is important.
International consultant of the CACM project - Professor Rolf Keller (Basel, Switzerland) says that main question is What could be improved in Odessa if the city wants really to make culture an important resource of the city (for improving the living quality of the city and its attractiveness for investments, for tourism etc.)
In fact, developing training programs for managers, improving their skills and qualifications, teaching them to develop sustainability strategies for their institutions, to communicate and collaborate with others in the field as well as cultural management itself are all included into "cultural policy". Therefore activities of art managers with new point of view and professional skills are essential for society. With this aim we have proposed to organize debate session with the representatives of city cultural administration, young generation of cultural managers and their experienced colleagues to discuss top issues in the sphere of cultural management, in particular:

  • What management does culture need?
  • Why should culture be in need of management?
  • What kind of management can be useful to culture and the arts?
  • In what ways can management be of help to the development of the arts, of culture in general?
  • What are the advantages of professional cultural management?
  • What could be improved in Odessa if the city wants really to make culture an important resource of the city (for improving the living quality of the city and its attractiveness for investments, for tourism etc?)
  • How Odessa can use better its cultural resources and potentials?
  • How public and private responsible and employees in the domain of culture can upgrade their knowledge and their capacity?
Representatives of city cultural administration have been invited to discuss the strategy of a local cultural policy development. Besides, several internationally acknowledged persons in the field of culture and art, theories of citizen participation in local cultural policy development have been invited as well.

Experienced art/cultural managers with their more junior colleagues will be brought together to share ideas and exchange views on forefront cultural management topics in a free and informal atmosphere.
The most important for us is to carry conviction that modern, unique culture is essential to society and we are working towards improvement of cultural management.
This event is aimed at the regional expansion of the CACM activity as well as at the drawing attention to the importance of cultural management in a whole.

In order to prove the effective modern type management skills the best projects by the CACM alumni will be represented: photo and art exhibitions, fashion show, concerts and installations etc.

The alumni's projects after completion of the CACM courses will be presented in order to demonstrate what namely these people have got after training at the Centre.
There are several commercial and State institutions offering cultural management training. However, the CACM has no competitors, because are educational curricula elaborated at the CACM has practical character of the training, methods and educational forms are flexible, good match with the clients' needs (longer education for people, who have more time for attending training; short term programs and seminars for working professionals).
The educational curricula elaborated at the CACM meets the contemporary scientific and practical requirements and it ensures a close connection between theoretical knowledge and practical know-how required in cultural management. Strategy is to keep the position of stability and to consolidate efforts.
Besides, the Cultural management curriculum elaborated at the CACM is well grounded both theoretically and practically.
On June the CACM staff has meeting with the representatives of the ECF (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). They told that they would like to start work in Ukraine, to get to know each other, to realize information exchange as well as to develop plans for common interests (sources), potential for cooperation, to clarify possible ways of working together, to know each other capacity.
O.Perepelytsya made presentation of the CACM, what is the Centre now and what is its potential for possible cooperation with the ECF. He focused some ideas and proposals for cooperation. Since the CACM is concerned with a cultural context, then he told about vision, mission, core business and teaching methods. The discussion was focused on questions: what are the ECF expectations? What they want to do? Possible ways of synergy cooperation the ECF-CACM were stated.

The ECF can support training, SS, conference and their contribution is not only financial but also content. General opinion was expressed that partnership could be interesting for both ECF and the CACM.
To increase the effectiveness of the Board work towards ensuring sustainability of the organization as well as searching for funds and according with the suggest from Director of the Swiss Cultural Programme in Ukraine - Ludmila Garbuz the existing Board of Directors was revised on November 2006 and 4 new persons was offered
Kon Natalia - Deputy Director of the Bavarian House in Odessa
Kravchenko Valery - Director of the JV Mozart Hotel
Krushevska Liana - Director of the Bosh foundation in Ukraine
Tatsenko Ludmila - Regional manager of the British Council, Odessa

There were 4 TOTs organized for the reported period, in particular:
I. 9 - 11 November, 2006. "Applied fundraising for the projects in cultural sphere"
In order to increase the CACM team's fundraising capacity the combined event: the fundraising training and the Meeting with partners and potential donors was held. The program was particularly designed for improving the managers' capacity in working with local and international donors.
II. 26 - 28 December, 2006. "Personnel and conflict management in sphere of art and culture".
Having assumed that the human resources make one of the crucial strength of the particular project, improving the TOT content, regulating it well with the trainers' needs, and developing the variety of its topics, make the TOT an extremely effective motivation factor for the CACM trainers. The task was to develop individual elements typical for conflict as well as certain conflict situations.
III. March 28 - April 1, 2007. The combined TOT/Workshop "New techniques and models for cultural management training"
The goal of the workshop was to improve the training techniques and trainers skills, to teach the participants with effective planning and managing students' visits to the cultural institutions, to encourage participants to use the interactive teaching methods.
IV. May 17-19, 2007. TOT "Improvement of curricula, courses and training methods"
Moderator: Zaliubinskaya Ludmila - Prof. at Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University;
Following topics were included in the program:
Application of interactive methods in training of cultural managers
Involving of successful cultural managers in the training process as co-trainers.
Focusing on the development of students' talents

Third year is associated with wider publicity, expanding activities and promotion in other regions. The publicity efforts are characterized by better public attention to the CACM work and educational events and better public understanding of the CACM approaches and mission. Every public event of the CACM is accompanied by the presentation of the Centre for Applied Cultural Management. For the reported period the project activities have been covered in 13 publications.
We have invited mass media workers to the TOTs, Workshops and LTC opening.

On July 11, 2007 students of the Second LTC (January-June, 2007) presented their creative projects, namely: Everyone can test himself (author:Maya Bezsonova); Siberian Party (author:Galina Onisko); The best reader of the year (author: Viktoriya Bezsonova ); School for independent journalistic and media management (author: Snezhana Pavlova).

The final presentation of the above projects took place during the Summer School 2007 (26 July - 8 August), which is considered by the CACM staff and trainers/lecturers as a visit card of the whole course. Criteria for the evaluation of SS student's knowledge are presentation of creative project. The Program of the Summer School 2007 was formed with the consideration of wishes expressed by students of last year SS.

The group of Summer School 2007 students was heterogeneous like in previous years. The main criterion is creativity and wish to realize own project. As usually we have invited representatives of regional and local administrations, mass media, the CACM alumnus.

The best lectures were delivered to the students; they visited Odessa cultural and art institutions as well as NGOs working in this sphere. In addition, meetings with cultural managers were organized as well.

On August 8 the defense of creative projects took place. The best project Music for hearts (cycle of classical music concerts, being realized in Odessa region) was represented by Neycheva Lilia - student of the Odessa A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy.

For the third project year 7 alumni successfully realized cultural projects Maydenberg Kira Musical-poetry party, dedicated to the creative work of contemporary poet Isaak Maydenberg; Ginkiniova Yanina, Tikhoplav Anna and Chibalashvili Asmati First International festival of young composers and performers of contemporary music "Music Marine Fest"; Zima Ludmila and Makienko Stepan Music of Spheres (organizing and holding of conference and concerts in Ukraine and Poland); Tikhoplav Anna and Chibalashvili Asmati Second International festival for young composers and performers of contemporary music "Music Marine Fest".

Alumni of the CACM demonstrated their manager's skills to apply in practice and to work independently. It is noteworthy that projects have international and cross - disciplinary orientation.