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The CACM is aimed at providing art/cultural management training.

Program of trainings:

The main training objectives are:

  • mastering modern management competencies, skills and know-how in order to use gained knowledge in concrete cultural, art, economical, political and legal contexts
  • developing analytical and evaluation skills for cultural and art assessment
  • improving competence and competitiveness of Ukrainian managers and artists on domestic and international cultural and art markets of ideas, images, products and services

Target groups:

  • management staff of cultural/art institutions including NGOs, commercial institutions and mass media
  • state and municipal officers responsible for culture and arts
  • artists and managers of art formations, cultural events and actions
  • students of higher education institutions
  • other professionals working in the sphere of culture and arts



  • Cultural Policy
  • International and Intercultural Relationships
  • Management of Institutions in the Sphere of Culture
  • Management of Specific Cultural Events
  • Self-management

Training courses:


Training forms:

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Business games
  • Case studies
  • Meetings with the managers and art workers
  • Visits to the Institutions of Culture
  • Scholarships in Institutions of Culture and Companies
  • Realization of Projects

The CACM students will have an opportunity to develop and master their knowledge and skills in:

  • developing effective programs of the regional cultural policy by using modern methods of strategic planning, project designing and programming
  • analysing and consulting innovative cultural and artistic projects
  • effective implementation of the joint projects and successful collaboration with international partners
  • designing sustainable development concepts for cultural institutions
  • conducting successful fundraising campaigns

The students having completed the entire cultural management course and attended practical lessons will pass the exams and gain the qualification certificate in cultural management. Best alumni will get a chance to implement a practical management project under the supervision of experienced Ukrainian and foreign cultural managers. The project implementers will gain a certificate as well.